Roof Trusses

Roof Trusses

With the blockwork up to wall plate height, the next big

delivery was our roof trusses.  To maximise the use of space

within the roof space, we had specified attic trusses which

provide clear space in the attic for two extra rooms.


Arriving pre-fabricated from the manufacturersTruss-Tech on a large lorry, the

trusses were lifted straight onto the building by crane.

The first truss was the most difficult to stabilise, but as others

were added they were all fixed to each other and became more

secure.  Once the main trusses were in position, we could really

see the overall design taking shape. The steep roof pitch of 52

degrees not only matches the neighbouring properties but also

provides lots of headroom inside.

   With all the trusses in position the front

and rear blockwork gables were built up,

and areas of traditional rafters constructed

with openings for the rooflights.