Enjoying our new home !

Enjoying our new home !

We been in our new house over 12 months now, and it really feels like home.

It took us a while to get used to the heating and ventilation controls, but now it’s nice and cosy

and so much quieter than our old house. Rather than dreading gas and electricity bills, we look

forward to receiving cheques in the post from the power company for the electricity our PV panels

are producing.

The builder has been back to “make good defects” as per the contract, so minor shrinkage

cracks, sticking doors and a few plumbing gremlins have all been sorted out so we have released

the outstanding retention money.

With the place to ourselves, we can concentrate on enjoying the space and finish unpacking boxes.


We threw a belated house warming party to say thanks for all the friends

who  helped us move in, and the long suffering neighbours who put up

with all the noise and mess for so long.  Many people who have followed

the build wanted “tours”, so we’ve lost count of the number of visitors we

have shown around.

The young son of a neighbour who had apparently been impressed with all the diggers, cranes  and

delivery lorries, presented us with a professionally mounted photo album which was a lovely gift.
There is still a bit of work to do in the garden so no danger of us getting

bored just yet, but it’s nice to just do the odd job when we feel like it for a

change.  Shelves are going up as we empty the last few boxes, and built in

wardrobes are helping to tidy up the bedrooms.

The most common comment we get from visitors, is how light and bright

the house is. Lots of natural daylight was a key design element for us and

we spend a lot of time in the rear of the house looking out at the garden.


The open plan kitchen, dining and garden room works really well for

entertaining friends and family, so we are always looking forward to

the next excuse for a house full.


We’ve estimated that already the house has saved us £3000 in bills,

and we certainley don’t miss the constant maintenance the old house needed.

Only problem is that the house is so well insulated we have only lit the stove a couple of times,

so at this rate our log supply will last us about 150 years !