Felting the roof and inserting rooflights was a big milestone

as it mean’t we were a step closer to being weather proof.

Next the chimney for our wood burning stove was built up

to ridgeheight, and a metal flue liner dropped down the

inside and the voids backfilled with vermiculite insulation.

Another exciting stage was fitting a reclaimed chimney pot ! Not only was this

physically the highest point of the building, but it also used to have

flowers in by our front door so it was nice to re-use something from

our old house.

Our black clay roof tiles are a similar colour to the slate on both

neighbouring houses, but cheaper to buy than real slate.

The interlocking design of the tiles also means that

they can be used at much lower pitches than slate, so we can

use the same tile on the roofs over our sunroom which is

only at 20 degrees.


As the tiling progressed outside, the roof was being insulated and

trusses boarded to create a rigid structure.  We’ve crammed as much

insulation into the roof as possible to make the most of the heat

from our ground source heat pump.


  On the lower roofs, the builder ran the felt across openings

which will have roof glazing fitted at a later date. This will

keep the worst of the weather out until the windows are

delivered, and allow work to continue internally.