Studwork & First Fix

Studwork & First Fix

Internally most of the walls are blockwork, but the timber

stud partitions also started going in after the roof went on.

The plumbers and electricians also started first fixing the

services, before walls and ceiling are plasterboarded.


Building the linen cupboard in the bathroom showed us the size of the bathroom and adjacent bedroom. Concealed in the back of the cupd. is also a vertical service duct that allows pipes, cables and ventilation ducts to travel between the different floors. We are also having under floor heating to the first floor, so the pipes are clipped to the floor before being insulated from below and covered in screed.

The engineered floor joists (also by Truss-Tech) make it much easier to run sevices through

the floor, and even the soil pipe runs up inside the building

hidden in our service riser.

It’s out of sight but accessible if necessary.


Hot and cold water pipes are clipped to the blockwork, ready to

be plastered over. We’ve chosen to build most of the walls from

blockwork which will be plastered. Although drylining is quicker

and more popular these days, we wanted the feeling of solid walls

which are easier to fix into. Our Architect also convinced us that

the heavy thermal mass will be better for storing heat, than a wall

with a plasterboard lining with an air gap behind.  Lightweight materials tend to

heat up and cool down quicker, where as heavier ones tend to vary less keeping the

interior of a building at a more constant temperature.