Nearly There !

Nearly There !

Sorry for the delay in our updates.

We’ve been very busy moving in so, are a little behind with posting on the blog.

The photos below show the build almost complete, and finishing touches going in.
front-bay  With the roof tiledand our aluminium windows fitted, the

render went on and made a huge difference to the look of the

house. It really sets off the grey windows and blue brick

eaves and verge detailing. This is the front bay window, which

was designed to reflect the bay of our original house next door.

You can also just see our PV panels on the main roof, facing south which is ideal.



rainchainOur architects didn’t want a rainwater running infront of our bay window

so suggested a stainless steel “rainchain” which is a great feature.

It’s prompted more comments and questions from people passing

by then anything else on the house.


   We are really pleased with the combination of off white render, grey

windows, blue bricks and metallic silver metal gutters. The builder

found fitting the gutters a challenge, but agreed they were worth it.

Our funky triangular window is high level,  so we could have furniture

underneath it inside.  We realised that when down sizing, it’s important

to know what furniture you are keeping and where it can go on the plans.

   Being used to fireplaces in our previous house, we were keen to have a

focal point in the front room. Even though we have underfloor heating

we thought it would be useful to have a log buring stove incase we

needed a quick blast of heat. This stove has glass panels in the sides so

you can see the fire from all angles. We did need to put an external air

supply in through the wall though, to stop the stove confusinh the mechanical ventilation system !

The kitchen is almost fitted so we decided to add a splash of colour on

one wall. The decorator even asked for a sample which we took as quite a

compliment.  As we don’t have a gas connection, we chose a ceramic

induction hob.  May take a bit of getting used to cooking on, but should

easy to clean !

In our sunroom we wanted as much daylight as possible, but didn’t want

to be overlooked by the neighbours. The rooflight returns down the wall

just far enough to give us a view north wards, whilst still maintaining our

privacy.  Think we’ll be spending a lot of time in here, looking out at the

garden when we’ve brought all thoise plants over from the old garden.